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Story of Khloe Jewels

Timeless, quality, flattering, life-resistant and comfortable jewelry, perfect for every occasion. Style-approved by trendsetters across the globe, guaranteed to make feel just as good as you look.
Khloe Jewels, for the dynamic, unstoppable, stylish woman in continuous personal, social and professional growth; concerned about all areas of her life, including her physical appearance and always leaving a good impression.
We know that details are the key that makes the difference and makes our style go from being simple to splendid; We don't want you to give up all that for lack of your precious time.
What really matters is that your presence is the signature of your personality and an expression of yourself.
Khloe (from the Greek khlóē or χλόη) means moment of maximum splendor, blossom.
Khloe expresses the ultimate goal of what we want our jewelry to produce in you, that your maximum splendor flourish in you.

Crafted with 18K Gold & Silver plating over Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel, our jewelry is durable, comfortable and resistant to water and life!
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Hi! I am Angie, the person behind Khloe Jewels. Today I would love to share my story with you!
How it all began...
I've always loved being well-groomed and making a good impression, both for my profession and my lifestyle. Every day I have had a thousand responsibilities to attend to (home, work, family, etc.) and I always found it difficult to find the right accessories for my style in the different jewelers or accessory stores.
In other words: I had to go looking from here to there, sometimes they were bad jewels, or they were just very pretty in the photo but not so much in reality.
Even so, and partly due to my excessive fondness for jewels, I myself created combinations and created my style by combining different pieces from different stores. Although it took time away from me, I did not care because I am really passionate about jewelry and I was very satisfied with the result of seeing myself much more stylish and favored (flattery also helped me raise my self-esteem).
But for me, the best of all was when my friends and colleagues wanted to know where I had bought it or asked me for advice on accessories for their outfits, especially if they needed to look more beautiful.
And I am delighted! all this transcended beyond and even on social networks they asked me where they could buy "my" jewelry.
One day, unfortunately, I received bad news at the company where I worked: they closed my department and therefore fired me. It was not the best time of my life and what I had to do was look for work as soon as possible so as not to lose "traction" in my professional career ...
However, something inside me, a feeling told me that I needed to fill my soul with what I really liked and made me put hours of my time and energy into it: jewelry.
It was crazy, but it really was what I felt: I thought it was time to at least give it a try.
I did not know very well what to do and I simply did what was born to me: I began by translating into a collection of flattering jewels for that very moment. I shared it on my social networks and people directly wanted to buy them. So without thinking about it, letting myself be carried away by what came out of me and ignoring my rational self, I set up a store like that, almost without thinking!
And in this way, Khloe Joyas was born, jewels selected with the heart and applying the same concept with which for years I advised my colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and myself: a reference store where you are sure that the jewels will give you they will make you more beautiful, they are of quality, they are timeless, and they are trendy.